Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chip off the ole block.....

If anyone of you knows our family, you realize sports is huge with us. My husband George played high school and some college football with a passion. He always regretted leaving college early and forfeiting his college football scholarship. He even had a tryout with the Patriots in his early 30's. He poured that passion into his love for his beloved Yankees and Green Bay Packers.

You all know too, that when our third son David showed the same maniacal passion to play football, my husband was beside himself with passion again. Even this here woman who loves to take a good nap during football games became this team mom with the array of correct jerseys and matching team umbrella etc. Screaming like a banchie when my son broke thru the line for a long run. I had become that which I had previously loathed. As my husband has said, "There's nothing like a good faceplant with your helmet into someone else's jersey to get the ole blood going..."

The summer built in excitement as we all anticipated football camp for David. Even the town loves to see him play.His reputation started to quietly leak the last year or so. We have had parents come up to us to thank David for the joy of watching him play.. ....Yeah--you know where I am going with this.... David's ankle therapy has not worked out and surgery is ahead of him. We didn't mean to become parents living thru our kids glory but suddenly we had to step back and catch ourselves. This is our precious tubal reversal miracle baby God granted us stewardship of thru His mercy 16 years ago. That sense of something..some ONE ... is still suppose to be born in our family. Our heritage from God......

Well it did not take us long to regroup and affirm how much we love our son and how an ankle is just another way for God to teach us things... It was disappointing for David as he had picked up his favorite jersey, number 44, from the locker room the other day thinking he could join the team mid season. So the disappointment cut deep yesterday as we talked to the therapist.
Our chip off the ole block has a set back. And so do the parents... attitude and priority adjustment time.

But joy comes in the morning today as David got up , put on his ankle brace and reminded me what he told me the other day---that the time for Rally Around the Flagpole was at 7:40..It's a time students can meet at the school flagpole to pray for their school and nation. The school announced it the other day.

As I dropped him off this morning it was a tad early and no one was there yet. I saw one boy hanging his head down sitting on a bench kind of peeking at the pole. As David got out of the car I reminded him that he is the one people follow and look up to because he has courage. If he stood there first --others would come out of the corners and pray with him.

I drove away from the school and it was sort of hard to see, as tears were welling up. Joy, victory in Christ, overwhelmed me. My miracle baby from my 40's was carrying on the heritage of our God. I had recently prayed God would revive my heart, fan the flame of faith in me...but I never imagined he would use my son.

The football field may be next year for our son but the victory is already there. He is still our chip off the ole block but you know what? He is more than that.... He is a new creation in Christ , who before the foundation of this earth, football fields and all, was created to do good works....

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shopping therapy is good for your back.

Amy and I had a nice morning today. We had to go to Rutland on an errand so we combined it with D&D coffee and fruit smoothie and moved on to Shopping Therapy... you get it at the mall. We both know that after said therapy your back is less strained because your pocketbook is sooo much lighter on the way home.... It's a chick thing and it works. Combine that with a pedicure and you practically cure arthritis!!!


Sweet Nyka found a good doggie loving home with Kylie. Jacob worked hard and found a very nice classmate and friend whose Mom loves dogs. Turns out she is the grand daughter of Bernie--the man we bought our home from years ago. So yeah!!! Nyka is super cute and deserves an appreciative home. Good work Jacob !!! Thank you to my nephew Chris who was going to post her pic on his office bulletin board if needed.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cookies are medicinal

Went to church yesterday and my daughter in law hands David an entire bag of homemade cookes. She said it was to comfort him because he can't play football this season. Wow! I think it helped.....