Wednesday, December 26, 2007

May God bring us all together again someday...

My love and hugs to loved ones far away during this joyous Christmas season....

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Boomer Question

How do you know when you're grown up? This question permeates the minds of my boomer generation. For one--we don't intend to "grow up". For another--we are not sure when or where that happens! Here's a great list I've read recently:
You know you're grown up when....
~You know there are many things much more important than yourself.
~You're willing to say "I was wrong."
~You're attentive to the footprints you will have left in this world.
~You forgive the carelessness of the young, regret the thoughtlessness of your own youth.
~You finally realize you have no one to complain to.

Growing up is a choice. The journey begins with the simplest of steps: Identifying your values then acting accordingly. Of course, for this boomer it means bowing to my creator God, Jehovah and letting Him give me His values and acting accordingly. I must admit I am not very good at it but our loving Father God is just that. He paid for my bad....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mysteries of the Universe Solved

It was a dark and cold winter's morning. 5 am came early as youngish mom (only as old as her oldest son plus 9 months or so)--and her smarty pants 16 year old set out for Dartmouth Hitchcock for the long awaited MRI of his ankle. Up before dawn, creep around to get ready so others can sleep 2 more hours. Sneak out of the house into the cold wintery night. Crunch crunch crunch on the hard icey ground. Open garage door, then all of a sudden car alarm is blaring into the silent night. Very obnoxious. How could that happen ? I carry the keys the same way all the time!

"What was that??" says youngish mom.
Says smarty pants zombee 16 year old from beneath the fur lined hood over his head "It was YOU."

Monday, December 03, 2007

The bunnies are hiding in the winter snows now...

The winter snows are here and the woodland bunnies send us a parting raspberry now from Matt's orange truck for another year.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rick who???

Our sailor guest for Thanksgiving has passed the all important parental and sibling grilling with passing colors.

Happy Birthday Gianna!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Who wins?

In the struggle of tension between good and evil.... who wins?

"Love wins.........Love always wins!!"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She's a child not a choice

My 16 year old son David is wearing a blood red arm band to school today that says choose life, which he sewed in front of the TV last night. He is not making casual conversation today but rather handing out this little card to all those who ask why he isn't talking today. I was so proud and encouraged to think that my son would have the guts to speak up for the missing generations of people in this world right now due to abortion. We worry about our Social Security payments in future years but the truth is we aborted many of those future workers that would have supported those needed Social Security benefits for the Boomer generation. When I asked David what he was doing he explained it all to me. Then he asked me what I thought about the pro life movement. I had to tell him this story----

It was more than 16 years ago that I worked as a volunteer counselor at a crisis pregnancy center in southern Vermont. Living just over the border in New Hampshire, it was a bit of a drive from Walpole down to the center, but I didn't care. My concern at the time was to give a little back to society by trying to reach out to women who needed help. Some of them may decide to give their unborn children a chance for life if my counsel spoke to their hearts. Some were the walking dead inside who had abortion in their past and were struggling to find value and worth ... and most of all.... forgiveness. God laid it on my heart to work with those women since no one helped me so many years ago as a young woman going thru a divorce. My soon to be ex convinced me it was the only way to "save the marriage" and my parents could offer me no place to live if I had the baby. All the counselors in the world at that time were not there to hold my hand when the abortion took place... or to rebuke the doctor who performed it when he got upset because I cried during the process. All the talk in the world could not erase the guilt I felt.
I struggled for years with the guilt and tried to mask or ignore it with alcohol, cigarettes and wrong relationships. Eventually I met a wonderful man, David's dad George, and we married. That was over 34 years ago and since that time I have come to know that Jesus died to pay for my sins and that I could be clean again and healed deep in my soul. And so it was I eventually found myself counseling at a crisis center. I wanted to save unborn babies and also reach out to those mothers, whether they made the right choice or not, and tell them how much God loved them.
I quit the center when I discovered I was expecting a child in my 40's that would be born in June. I was fearful as my pregnancies had not always been easy, so I decided to not travel south to the center but rather rest and prepare for the upcoming birth. That child's name was David Clay-- David means a man after God's own heart and Clay because I wanted him to always be moldable to God's will for his life. So when David asked me what I thought about pro life I had to be honest and tell him my story but I could also tell him to be sensitive because he may hand out a flier to a girl that desperately needs to know God loves her....

Generations will go before us and God promises that if they honor Him , they will rise above their forefathers. That gives me great joy and life....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...

Hi Everyone,
On our way to our yearly GDIT meeting in Florida, we sat next to soldiers on their way home from Iraq. I was going for this long awaited romantic Florida beach thing with Dad--and didn't expect to lose it in the airport. Sitting next to a soldier on his way home was hard because my son had left the day before for Iraq. The look of goodbye in the eyes I have seen before. This is his Dad saying goodbye to me on his way to Korea in 1973..... wish I could enlarge this picture for you so you could see the goodbye look in his big beautiful brown eyes.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chip off the ole block.....

If anyone of you knows our family, you realize sports is huge with us. My husband George played high school and some college football with a passion. He always regretted leaving college early and forfeiting his college football scholarship. He even had a tryout with the Patriots in his early 30's. He poured that passion into his love for his beloved Yankees and Green Bay Packers.

You all know too, that when our third son David showed the same maniacal passion to play football, my husband was beside himself with passion again. Even this here woman who loves to take a good nap during football games became this team mom with the array of correct jerseys and matching team umbrella etc. Screaming like a banchie when my son broke thru the line for a long run. I had become that which I had previously loathed. As my husband has said, "There's nothing like a good faceplant with your helmet into someone else's jersey to get the ole blood going..."

The summer built in excitement as we all anticipated football camp for David. Even the town loves to see him play.His reputation started to quietly leak the last year or so. We have had parents come up to us to thank David for the joy of watching him play.. ....Yeah--you know where I am going with this.... David's ankle therapy has not worked out and surgery is ahead of him. We didn't mean to become parents living thru our kids glory but suddenly we had to step back and catch ourselves. This is our precious tubal reversal miracle baby God granted us stewardship of thru His mercy 16 years ago. That sense of something..some ONE ... is still suppose to be born in our family. Our heritage from God......

Well it did not take us long to regroup and affirm how much we love our son and how an ankle is just another way for God to teach us things... It was disappointing for David as he had picked up his favorite jersey, number 44, from the locker room the other day thinking he could join the team mid season. So the disappointment cut deep yesterday as we talked to the therapist.
Our chip off the ole block has a set back. And so do the parents... attitude and priority adjustment time.

But joy comes in the morning today as David got up , put on his ankle brace and reminded me what he told me the other day---that the time for Rally Around the Flagpole was at 7:40..It's a time students can meet at the school flagpole to pray for their school and nation. The school announced it the other day.

As I dropped him off this morning it was a tad early and no one was there yet. I saw one boy hanging his head down sitting on a bench kind of peeking at the pole. As David got out of the car I reminded him that he is the one people follow and look up to because he has courage. If he stood there first --others would come out of the corners and pray with him.

I drove away from the school and it was sort of hard to see, as tears were welling up. Joy, victory in Christ, overwhelmed me. My miracle baby from my 40's was carrying on the heritage of our God. I had recently prayed God would revive my heart, fan the flame of faith in me...but I never imagined he would use my son.

The football field may be next year for our son but the victory is already there. He is still our chip off the ole block but you know what? He is more than that.... He is a new creation in Christ , who before the foundation of this earth, football fields and all, was created to do good works....

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shopping therapy is good for your back.

Amy and I had a nice morning today. We had to go to Rutland on an errand so we combined it with D&D coffee and fruit smoothie and moved on to Shopping Therapy... you get it at the mall. We both know that after said therapy your back is less strained because your pocketbook is sooo much lighter on the way home.... It's a chick thing and it works. Combine that with a pedicure and you practically cure arthritis!!!


Sweet Nyka found a good doggie loving home with Kylie. Jacob worked hard and found a very nice classmate and friend whose Mom loves dogs. Turns out she is the grand daughter of Bernie--the man we bought our home from years ago. So yeah!!! Nyka is super cute and deserves an appreciative home. Good work Jacob !!! Thank you to my nephew Chris who was going to post her pic on his office bulletin board if needed.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cookies are medicinal

Went to church yesterday and my daughter in law hands David an entire bag of homemade cookes. She said it was to comfort him because he can't play football this season. Wow! I think it helped.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhh camping.....

Father and son... how cute is that!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"I think we're going to have a son..."

"Mrs. Atkins, Red Cross is letting your husband know in Korea that he has a son..."
I looked in the basinette and could see his Daddy's big brown eyes. He was looking all around --I knew he'd be very smart. Long skinny legs--I knew he'd be tall like his Daddy. What I didn't know is that he would grow up and serve on some of the same Army bases around the world that his Daddy was then.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New York, New York!!!!

Here we are in NY to see the Yankees today. The Empire State Building is seen from out my hotel window. We are in Secaucus but New York is the view outside my hotel room and the beautiful Empire State Building is the star of the view.
Kids are in Bluefield WV on a Youth Works mission trip. No phone or email that they arrived safely so I assume all is well. Dad and I actually shopped a bit on the way down to Secaucus so that was nice too. All I can say is........

"GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Boys!!

David Clay Atkins born June 19, 1991 and Jacob Benjamin Atkins born June 18, 1993 by God's gracious mercy.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Protest Songs...echoes of mercy and bravery..

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. "
Elmer Davis

It is politically correct these days, to sit around lunch rooms and parties etc and bash Bush, protest the war in Iraq. If you want to impress in the business world, you better have the politically correct thing to say around the water cooler. Candidates that spend too much money on their campaign ( because they have strong goals and visions they wish to bring to the state--such as bringing more high tec jobs here so we can keep our smart young people in Vermont with good paying jobs) are obscene. But candidates that help Vermont grow into a greater give away welfare state are humanitarian. Anyone who votes for them is concidered financially and morally discerning. It is better to give away money than work differently and harder to bring more technical jobs to Vermont. Likewise, people who sing protest songs and carry signs are also concidered merciful etc...because people die in war and that is bad of course. Let's not examine WHY the soldier sacrifices though. Then we may have to do something ourselves. It is easier to protest. Let others look outward. We only care about ourselves, right?

All these freedoms to criticize and protest were bought by others with a price. My son will likely return for his second tour of Iraq in a few precious months. As a Mom, I feel gut terror and sadness. I want the war to end and my boy to stay home. Is he messed up because he gets on a plane to go and help children and women in another country have the freedoms we take for granted? Does anyone who bashes Bush and the "war" ever care enough to list all the thousands of helpful meaningful deeds our boys have done over there for a grateful people?

I am concerned that for the bottom financial line, the political correctness of what we feel about war, and most of all, not to spill our lattes --this generation forgets what it means to stand up for something--such as helping women get the freedom to go to school. Will you just roll over and let any political force take over this country? Will you be brave and stand up for the oppressed or just run your mouth?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jesus called me today....

Jesus called me the early hours of the morning He whispered my name.

He told me to tell you that you should not be afraid....He will give you His power and love and sound mind.... that though the tears may endure the night, the joy will follow in the morning..... and that He loves you very much....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Passed By

Talked on the phone to a first class soldier the other day. Father of 4 children, great family man, done 3 overseas tours, and he got passed over for Warrant Officer. It was suppose to be a slam dunk --he had top recommendations and had "earned his stripes" so to speak. Great disappointment for his military career. He took it in stride but I could tell he was very discouraged. He mentioned also that since Warrant School wasn't in his immediate future, his second tour in Iraq would be back on the calendar in the fall. I could hear his children playing and laughing in the background as he spoke. Trying to bring some lightness in this serious conversation, I said I sort of wish the Democrats would get their way and just bring back the troops now, then he wouldn't have to go. I could hear him catch his breath and he very kindly told me that to set a time frame for troop withdrawal would play right into the hands of the insurgents and be a disaster for the Iraqi people. With his little twin girls giggling in play in the background, he was concerned for the welfare of a people far away that our country promised to help. That's the heart of a soldier---he won't pass you by without helping if he can... Take time to thank a soldier this month.... by the way---it you didn't know already, that soldier was my son Eric.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Oh joy--one engineer, one health inspector (we invited over) and one excavator= equals new septic field location and new well in new location. I feel ill--good news is when all is said and done we will have our yard back better than it's ever been and things will be up to code WITH permits-something the last owner wasn't too good at.. Today I am off to see two doctors--one for Jacobs' hurt thumb (from secret rope swing Spring jump into Lake Bomoseen) and then David to Ortho for perhaps removal of old bone chip causing swelling lately. We shall see --but when you bring in the experts they all seem to want to move something or take something out!! Yikes...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paying it Forward

Wednesdays are special because I the Nana get to spend time at my son Matt's house with the grandkids so he and Esther can go out for a few hours. This week has been something else in this area. Since the last time I babysat, a storm passed thru and Matt has lost 5 huge trees in his back yard and one lovely large pine in his front yard. Part of the roof had come off in one corner also. Not to mention days without electricity and a basement that flooded.

It's pretty devastating to look out the back window and see the trees- root end up -caving into themselves in the back yard. Monstrous trees and I wondered how Matt will remove them all. One week has seen lots of wonderful helpers show up also though. A friend, aka angel, came by to patch the roof corner in the driving rain and wind . Another angel, aka brother in law aka genius son in law came by with a generator to help Matt pump out his basement. Saturday arrived with folks giving their time to remove some of the trees for him.... more coming to help this Saturday probably.

I am sitting there last night listening to Isaac relate all the tree removal stories and wire repair electric trucks he's seen this week....contemplating how thankful I am for all the folks that reached out to each other and especially to this precious family of mine.... when I pick up one musical intrument to put on the bookshelf. It's wooden with a primitive face and metal prongs for making notes. Isaac says "that's mine from Ghana.... Dad brought it home to me this time"--"Last time he brought me the carved animals."

Wow---he is casually referring to Matt's trip to Ghana when he brought something else back too---Malaria!!--my little son Matt so fragile at birth--my BABY---who went fearlessly to a very primitive country and loved it! He got cursed by a WITCH DOCTOR for trying to share his Christian faith with a temple slave girl. He was trying to free her from the bondage she was in each day--cutting herself for the demonic temple. (I kid you not) So guess what?--he went back again!! the next year. He loves it there---he helps lots of people. The hardest part is saying goodbye because he knows the work is never done there. He had to step over very sick children just to get back on the bus to go home...

A co member for the Ghana mission team said Matt will always go back. He relates to the people in a way unexplainable. Matt admits that he fits in over there better. Selfishly I am glad he comes back and only visits that country. But I can tell you the tree, generator, roof thing was not the start of the pay it forward chain. Matt had started doing that awhile ago....

Thursday, April 19, 2007


It was reported that Mrs. Walmart died today. Her write up says much about her philanthropy and love of family. She had 8 grandchildren. Her multi billions probably don't mean much to her 3 children as they were higher on the Forbes billionaire list than she was. But her real blessings were in her family probably not all her money. So guess what??? I am richer than Sam Walmart's widow.. I have living 6 kids and 9 ---count them---9 grandchildren. The torch is passed. Only God's merciful grace.......
Maybe that sounds like false modesty or arrogance you say but some of my friends from way back when would be shocked to hear that Ellen wound up with a stable family life etc. You see one person never gave up on me.... God... He never throws anyone away......not me and especially not you!! So turn around and make a family---NO I don't mean get busy procreating. If you are single or alone make a friend and don't give up on them no matter what!! Turn to God too. You'de be shocked how much He loves you....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was only joking!!!

Don't you just love it when someone excuses the fact that they revealed their deep ignorance and insensitivity by saying "I was only kidding! or I was only joking!" At the expense of someone elses sometimes deep deep pain. "Don't be so paranoid or sensitive." Ok--so I am going to rant a bit so get ready... I just got finished the day before reading some blog with horrific comments about how slavery needs no apology etc, buck up just look to the future etc. Yes we should look to the future but we should also take responsibility in a civilized society and make apologies and declarations to shun future acts of crimes against humanity etc. So I did my comment response on the blog and felt a bit better. Still bothered by some of the insensitive comments I had read, got on with my day etc. BAM --Imus opens his septic mouth and he was only kidding!!! Lovely articulate hard working women are verbally reduced to trash. Where does it stop?? So I am home and we get a call that one of David's very good buddies is back in town for Easter break. One of very few blacks that David grew up with and we are all excited cuz he will get to paint ball with Isaiah and friends on Saturday. It's a great day when mom is cooking in the kitchen and my two sons David and Jacob are actually getting along. They start wrestling and lots of giggling breaks out. I step in to break it up before someone gets hurt and Jacob calls David a "N". Not going to say it as it is not in my vocabulary but I went ballistic!!
Horrible name--why would you use that word? Jacob says oh mom--I was only fooling around. I would NEVER call someone that for real. Really got disgusted with ME for going off about it. Told me it's in all the songs... not meant against someone ... etc etc... They both had wonderful friendships with blacks, multi racial folks etc. Why would they think the N word is funny? My family has its roots deep in the south and we need to work harder at making sure the bigots are allowed to die off and the future generations guard their hearts very carefully. Some time ago some pale lily whites (I am lily white so I can say it) thought they were more human than the darker skins. I remember when I said to one of my very southern aunts years ago that Jesus wasn't "white". I thought she was going to keel over. Anyway--I have obviouosly failed if my son thinks N word can be used in any context that would be humorous and for that I am reminded I need to work harder to help them understand and for that I DO apologize. How's YOUR vocabulary and heart?

Friday, March 30, 2007

Houston--we have lift off!!!

Well it's been a long day but we are successful. Nana M. is no longer dial up. She is now cruising in the fast lane with the rest of the household internet cruisers. We also purchased a 10 foot step ladder today so I can see all the dust kittys on the upper window in the great room---along with all the little toys kids have thrown up there cuz they figured mum would never get up that high. Ha!!! Well Nana M is riding high on her new internet connection and I am up in space areas cleaning and hanging new chandeliers. Amy has a "visitor" this evening so we are all doing our best to also be annoying and interrupting. hehe

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Larry,Bob and the gang

Tonight is special when Nana can come babysit Aiden, Isaac and Gianna. We are all watching Veggie Tales and Nana has shrewdly tapped into the wireless network her genius second son set up in his abode. All is well--the boys are mezmorized by the show and Gianna has found two tasty fingers to chew on. Life is good....

Friday, March 16, 2007

11 years to the day

It's been 11 years to the day that we moved to this area. The Ryan girls helped us pack up the truck, the Calhoun's sent us on our way north from Walpole with a yummy casserole to enjoy when we got there. Steph Ryan rode with us to support Sara facing her new place to live. We all sat down to enjoy the wonderful dinner after lots of hard work. Years later it would be Steph's sister Julie that would marry our oldest son Eric. Both older kids, Matt and Sara thought Rutland was inhabited with retired people and sort of quietly resented the move. But Dad had received a promotion and they being loyal kids went along without lots of fuss. Within a few years both Matt and Sara met their future spouses in this area. We now have 5 grandchildren who were born here. When we moved in, I hated the ugly 70's chandelier over the stairs. So this week I finally got a very pretty replacement. It only took me 11 years. Even the kids could have kids faster than that. Go figure!! Now we still have 3 kids at home --Amy being 21 is Certain this area is only full of old people...Is it time for another casserole???

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time Travel

You haven't lived till you've driven up the mountain to Pico with Joe and David in the car. Amy in the front seat with me--as she needs a ride to work--so Joe and David are squeezed into 2 thirds the back seat with two snowboards crammed into the third seat. For starters--just picture those two sitting next to each other like a date --and most drivers going by can't always see the snowboards taking up the third seat... Ok--so we won't go there--but it does produce some funny faces as folks drive by. But the dialogue and songs sung to the radio not to mention the goofy flame orange hunter's hat with the flaps that David wears--produces some strange times. Then--let us not forget the gas factor--no not the car mileage--the odiferous fumes eminating from the two stinky boys that cause the windows to go up and down--Oh god!! ---up and down. Let me out of here!!! top that off with the ole primal golden retreiver genes in David's blood that causes him to periodically stick his whole head out of the said window so he can drool out the window and let his "ear flaps" blow in the wind like some dog going for a car ride. It's a sight to behold. Funny thing is--these two will smoke down the slopes like --as Rob (youth pastor) said "those two are somethin" else!!"
Wonder what he meant by that????? hehehe

Monday, February 26, 2007


On the high part of that life I mentioned earlier --did I brag to you all that my son in law Michael --aka DJMIKED -- gave me candy for Valentine's Day???

Here endeth the lesson....

Everything I do or think lately seems to come to the same conclusion so to speak...Maybe I need Prozac, I don't know, but when you have a family like mine a flood of emotions can come from all angles in all cirmcumstances. This produces highs and lows of emotions (why I mentioned the prozac) but seriously it's kind of scary to feel such vulnerable joy when you see the lives you may have impacted for the good. It also produces sorrow when you see areas you feel like you've messed up.
I've come to the serious conclusion that I am totally messed up lots of the time. It's kind of a comfort though, because at that moment you know for sure what you've always suspected: That you are not really in control of things anyways. That lesson screams to be lately. It's a God thing. But you know what screams louder???? That God actually loves this profoundly messed up person anyway!! Here endeth the lesson.....Thank Bob!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Looking for the white stuff

We are stocking up on cocoa and comfort foods as we prepare to sit Valentine's Day out at home. First big snowstorm in Vermont (what did you Think I meant by white stuff?) I'm thankful that my family is excited about this--natural event--not the other white stuff that kills you. We are excited to think of sleds and snowboards. May it always be so!! Much to be thankful for....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Am I a Helicopter?

Am I a Helicopter?.... Do I Hover over my children?

~quote from new movie "Because I Said So"

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl Anticipation

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means!!! That's right---all day marathon showing of my favorite show "The Closer". Someone we all know and try to love said blogs are self serving........ that's OK cuz this is all about me, me, me......

FYI: Oh! Did I tell you--the guy who said blogs are self serving?---has 2 blogs of his own --LOL!!! But we are "good little hiprocrites"....

Friday, February 02, 2007

Ogretta aka Meanist Mom in the World

Just had to post that to give my friend a laugh. You know who you are!! :P
But seriously here is my effort to meet the 100 things about me challenge:
1. I was born mid century in Milford, CT.
2. I am of Irish, English and Creole French ancestry.
3. I collect small ceramic pitchers.
4. I am brunette ( sort of :P)
5. I am first born of two girls.
6. I am mother of 7 children, 6 living.
7. I am grandmother of 10, nine living.
8. I grew up in a strong Italian/Polish community ( none of which I am)
9. I remember what class I was in when President Kennedy was assassinated.
10. I saw his assasin Oswald shot by Ruby on the TV News.
11. I collect a deck of cards from every far away city I visit.
12. There's part of Monk's OCD behavior that I can relate to.
13. I love formal dances.
14. Flowers speak to my soul.
15. God will take my soul to heaven when I die.
16. I believe chocolate is medicinal.
17. I am a New York kinda girl.
18. Camping to me is choosing Econolodge vs Hyatt.
19. I flunked my first driving test.
20. When I was little I wanted to be a scientist or a reporter.
21. I am old enough to be impressed with cell phone convenience.
22. I am a diehard Yankee fan.
23. Fall is my favorite season.
24. I used to have a cat named Bachelor.
25. My father was a master carpenter.
26. I love to walk around a hardware store.
27. When I was little I would jump in bed in the dark so the alligators under the bed couldn't get me.
28. One of my uncles was in the FBI.
29. I homeschooled 4 of my children.
30. I have read every Nancy Drew book.
31. I've always loved mystery books.
32. Four of my children have been in four different missons trips in 4 different countries.
33. My oldest son father of four recently got back safely from Iraq.
34. My mission in life is to raise wonderful God-fearing children.
35. I have wonderful God-fearing children.
36. I hate Okra.
37. My dream is to relax on a tropical beach under a palm tree sipping some fruity drink.
38. Two of my children were born in my 40's after a tubal reversal.
39. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28-29.
40. I was saved by grace at the age of 27.
41. I try to live free in Christ.
42. I love my family above anything else.
43. I love God above my family.
44. My first car had horseshoes on the upholstery.
45. My children will change the world around them.
46. Every July 4th jets fly over my home.
47. My husband's birthday is July 4th. You do the math..
48. I can see ice fishing shacks on the lake from my window.
49. I teach womens' Bible studies.
50. The Turtles played live at my college freshman dance.
51. I was a cheerleader in 7th grade.
52. My sister in law was the deputy Mayor of San Diego.
53. All my children were Army brats.
54. My husband retired out of the Army.
55. I audit calls at the Vermont Country Store call center.
56. I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day about 29 years ago.
57. I remember when soda was in glass bottles in wooden soda crates.
58. I love to travel.
59. I live in Vermont.
60. I've been to the New York World's Fair.
61. I spent many happy years in 4-H.
62. I buy (vs grow) my nails.
63. I remember clamming on Milford Beach in CT with my grandmother.
64. My maternal grandfather owned a hot dog stand/restaurant in the 50's.
65. My paternal grandfather owned orange trees in Florida.
66. Both my parents were born in Baxley Georgia but met in Milford Connecticut.
67. I've been in a meatball fight.
68. At 21 I concidered suicide.
69. I've worn pill box hats to church.
70. I went to Ansonia High School class of 66.
71. I hate liver.
72. I've installed a hard drive in my computer.
73. I've lived for a week on macaroni salad.
74. I've had 6 C-sections.
75. I've almost died in two childbirths. (Jennifer and Matt)
76. They were both worth it.
77. I am very thankful I didn't commit suicide.
78. I love Santa and the Easter Bunny.
79. As a teenager I often sewed my Easter outfit.
80. My highschool love was Richard Eriksson. We did more talking than kissing.
81. I'm known for my quirky sense of humor.
82. My sister and I had matching desks and bulletin boards made by my Dad.
83. My best friends in High School were Marianne Benassi and Camille Ferla.
84. I married a man in an Army uniform.
85. I love to write and teach.
86. I love walking in snowy woods.
87. Chrismas Eve is magical to me. I always light a candle.
88. My favorite bird is the Chicadee. (right Eric? )
89. I've done a cooking demonstration at the Big E.
90. I drive a Honda Accord.
91. I wear contacs.
92. I own a coffee cup from the Louvre.
93. I am a devoted fan of CSI Las Vegas and The Closer.
94. Half my blood is probably coffee. :P
95. I am a hopeless romantic.
96. I believe each of us has something important to do for God.
97. I've air- boated in the Everglades.
98. My favorite animal is the Bengal Tiger.
99. OK-- so sometimes I still jump in bed fast so the alligators won't get me.
100. I spend too much time on my laptop!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today was full of meds and ginger ale, but snow bird David will recover from his "horrific neck spasm" (Doc's word) Tomorrow Jacob is back to school and he has his regular snowboard lesson on Pico. Yikes!! Yet another opportunity to say hi to my friends at Rutland Regional.... most of all I am looking forward to my postings getting off the medical update theme. Set your clocks--good news!!--for all you non Super Bowl women--starting at 11am on Sunday is the much anticipated marathon showing of my favorite TV show--The Closer. Be there---

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow Bot

Rutland Regional Hospital has become our second home. The staff is starting to know us on a first name basis. David did the ole backyard snowboard look what I can do and guess what? Oh yeah---xrays and subsequent CAT scan later he is declared to have some bigtime muscle spasm and he is now living on Vicadin and relaxants. Yikes--- my poor boys are now sick together and mom is busy with ginger ale, motrin, meds, ice, heating pads etc. So much fun! We are very thankful the shadow on the xray turned out to be some awful spasm rather than a break. It's really nice to have good medical insurance also!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Confess....

I did it.... I bought a computer game for my laptop.. Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". So shoot me.... NO!!! ...Wait a minute--I did NOT mean that!

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is for you know who you are..

"Here's something I never told anyone about Violet. This is minor, but it's weighed on my mind. The night she disappeared? I saw the car."

~S is for Silence, Sue Grafton, pg 123, fifth + sentence

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Viral Meningitis I presume

We are back home from our bask in the sun.(I have such a tan you wouldn't believe) It was so hot down there, they actually ran out of de-icer at one of the airports. OK--stop laughing. ANYWAY-- we were very blessed to have Sara and Mike watching the fort (indian) while we were away. We still managed to have a wonderful time together in San Antone--- Unfortunately we had quite the week when we got back with a house full of sickos--not your normal mental sicko--I mean the sit with the tissues tylenol and bowl in lap type stuff. OB1 Jacobi--has spent a few days in the hospital with -yes- viral meningitis. On the serious note--we are thankful for all your prayers and close by sibling and youth pastor small son visits to cheer him up. Today -it is official --viral not bacterial and he will come home tomorrow. I knew that already because today he was driving his mother nuts (ok--more nuts) by moving his hospital bed up and down in various contorted positions that threatened the IV and I was ready to tie him down. So yes--OB1 Jacobi has recovered mostly. Will be few more days maybe with slight fever and headache. I was blessed today to sit in Jacob's hospital room on the snowy late afternoon and have Matt stop by and David dropped off there from a day on Pico snowboarding . Three of my four big sons. Very blessed. Very blessed to see David be able to snowboard with great joy and fun--So we aren't in the warmth but we have our joys up here. You want to see joy--you look into David's face after a day of snowboarding and Jacob's face as he drives his mother right up the wall...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who's the pigeon now?

The secret is out--next conference is first week October--their usual chosen week--in Daytona Beach Hilton on the Beachwalk!! Get your suits ready kids!!! We are flying the friendly skies---

Storm Pigeon in San Antonio

Per CNN -this pigeon walking on ice in San Antonio. Somehow I feel like the pigeon for coming down here. But love finds a way (a restaurant?) and we are still having a good time here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice everywhere!

Hello everyone--looks like Texas has a freeze going on. Oh boy!! Dad and I have decided we are going to play tourist tomorrow and take a picture of a Palm tree with snow on it. Stay posted--it's a comin'

Sunday, January 14, 2007

River Walk

This is one of the bridges crossing the quaint sidewalks along the riverwalk.Our restaurant is on the river just next to this bridge.

San Antonio Way

Hello from San Antone!! We have already walked the beautiful Riverwalk and eaten at the river's edge Texas Land and Cattle restaurant.... Cowboy boots in a ring on the chandelier and eaten the best steak and shrimp in the world while a Texas longhorn steer stared me in the face from the wall. (he was dead :) )Lovely hotel by the river with sleep mask and lavender linen spray for our pillows. We will catch the Imax Theater about the Siege at the Alamo later--Shopping therapy for me while Dad does death by PowerPoint meetings in the hotel Texas ballroom. Gosh I miss the kids... really...