Sunday, September 01, 2013

Rescued Love

Oh my goodness! Have I a wonderful story to tell about my hubby's knee replacement progress but first today....the flowers from the yard called to me! A lovely lazy Sunday afternoon after church it was...with the boys off to fish on a local hardly noticed pond that their fishing buddy Dan knew about. Huge fish, we have pictures, were caught and let go. Meanwhile the night's rain produced an emerald green heavenly back yard, with the odd early Fall leaf blanketing the ground. Smack in the middle of this loveliness were my fabulous sunflowers. I  try very hard not to pick them too early , as I feel they earned the right to stand tall and face the sun as long as they wish, but fortunately for me, the rain had caused a few to bend to the ground. Dashing out with my kitchen scissors I rescued them from the damp ground. Flowers without guilt. Love it! Do you think God loved it when He rescued us? Were we His beautiful treasure, a flower of beauty? Of course yes! (it was a trick question) 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tanker Knees

My daughter's blog post today reminded me that I should post the event coming up in our lives on Monday, March 11th. George is going into Rutland Regional Hospital to have double knee replacement. He has old injuries from playing football in high school and college, and that was compounded with jumping off tanks for years and years, as a Master Gunner. At the urging of some of our children, he began the process of seeing the doctor for advice etc. The advice was very clear: he literally has no knee function worth talking about and he's very unsteady in his walk. The doctor said "knees don't get any worse than what we are seeing on the xray here." It was clear. Surgery needs to be done. So here we are.

The picture above is the perfect example of a man who loves life, but is restricted by his lack of mobility. (note the walking stick and the bowed leg) I had no idea how much the knee malfunction affected my husband's dreams and goals. Ever since we gave the go ahead for surgery we are getting more and more excited about what we can do together. The Texas two step is in our future, as is losing weight together with exercise and cross country skiing next winter maybe, if we both find we enjoy it.

Surgery is scary but we are focusing on the prize ahead. We feel blessed to be able to focus on better quality of life when many others in our lives are thankful just for life itself. Today is the day to live our lives. Tomorrow never comes. We can only live today.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Beginnings

It's hard to believe a year has passed so quickly. Digital scrap booking, Facebook, others more interesting blogs, Pinterest, you name it, have taken my attention from this blog. I was reading my post from December 2011 as we faced the uncertainty of a sudden layoff from General Dynamics because of lost contracts.I'm very happy to say that although my husband was laid off at Christmas 2011, as he was preparing a sermon on Patience, as our main Pastor was out of town, the outcome was not too much of a struggle. Trusting God is always a fruitful exercise and worked in our hearts. Two days after his layoff, the company that got the contract, hired him via teleconference as his new boss was getting on a plane! This year we look to March for the time when George has double knee replacement surgery. We are both getting excited about being able to walk together again and get in better shape etc.Our year started with 12-18 inches of snow in our area. It truly looks like Vermont around here. Snowboards and clothing dry near the wood stove. Ski boots, line the hallways. It's an understatement to say that our family room is a testament to each person's hobby. Between hunting,skate boarding, snow boarding, and nerf guns, along with the real gun safe, you must know you're in Vermont! I don't appreciate Vermont's liberal anti God focus, but I see God's splendor outside all around me. "The heavens declare the glory of God." No more so than Vermont!