Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"And I even like the color!"

Out of the dust of the Ford Focus rises the beautiful 2005 CRV-EX. License plate EPB 730
Wow. Ellen's Precious Baby and the year of my wedding --whose 35th celebration is this weekend. And I even like the color. LOL

Dad and I were picking up the car and remembering how Dad walked 5 miles to sign the paperwork for our first car--which he could not drive yet, since he didn't as yet have his driver's license. I couldn't be more thankful if it were a Cadillac Escalade. Thank you honey!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Focus Young Grasshopper!!!

Cars stopped at railroad crossing plus truck ahead of you plus sun's glare on window equal trashed bumber of shiny truck in front of you plus totaled Ford Focus you are driving. Driver Dad is fine, passenger David is OK--lady driving truck is ok. Truck gets to drive away--Ford Focus gets flatbed ride to body shop for last rites. Pop quiz--what is more important-sad dead car--inconvenience of loss of vehicle-or live people? What shall we focus on? Son in Iraq comes back to states in precious few days, new son in law set out to sea on USS George Washington, grandbabies are beautiful and plentiful, Spring is on it's way. Soon to be driver David gets valuable lesson on how easy chaos can occur. I think I have my focus back. It's all about people and God anyway. Everything else will pass away in the end....