Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paying it Forward

Wednesdays are special because I the Nana get to spend time at my son Matt's house with the grandkids so he and Esther can go out for a few hours. This week has been something else in this area. Since the last time I babysat, a storm passed thru and Matt has lost 5 huge trees in his back yard and one lovely large pine in his front yard. Part of the roof had come off in one corner also. Not to mention days without electricity and a basement that flooded.

It's pretty devastating to look out the back window and see the trees- root end up -caving into themselves in the back yard. Monstrous trees and I wondered how Matt will remove them all. One week has seen lots of wonderful helpers show up also though. A friend, aka angel, came by to patch the roof corner in the driving rain and wind . Another angel, aka brother in law aka genius son in law came by with a generator to help Matt pump out his basement. Saturday arrived with folks giving their time to remove some of the trees for him.... more coming to help this Saturday probably.

I am sitting there last night listening to Isaac relate all the tree removal stories and wire repair electric trucks he's seen this week....contemplating how thankful I am for all the folks that reached out to each other and especially to this precious family of mine.... when I pick up one musical intrument to put on the bookshelf. It's wooden with a primitive face and metal prongs for making notes. Isaac says "that's mine from Ghana.... Dad brought it home to me this time"--"Last time he brought me the carved animals."

Wow---he is casually referring to Matt's trip to Ghana when he brought something else back too---Malaria!!--my little son Matt so fragile at birth--my BABY---who went fearlessly to a very primitive country and loved it! He got cursed by a WITCH DOCTOR for trying to share his Christian faith with a temple slave girl. He was trying to free her from the bondage she was in each day--cutting herself for the demonic temple. (I kid you not) So guess what?--he went back again!! the next year. He loves it there---he helps lots of people. The hardest part is saying goodbye because he knows the work is never done there. He had to step over very sick children just to get back on the bus to go home...

A co member for the Ghana mission team said Matt will always go back. He relates to the people in a way unexplainable. Matt admits that he fits in over there better. Selfishly I am glad he comes back and only visits that country. But I can tell you the tree, generator, roof thing was not the start of the pay it forward chain. Matt had started doing that awhile ago....

Thursday, April 19, 2007


It was reported that Mrs. Walmart died today. Her write up says much about her philanthropy and love of family. She had 8 grandchildren. Her multi billions probably don't mean much to her 3 children as they were higher on the Forbes billionaire list than she was. But her real blessings were in her family probably not all her money. So guess what??? I am richer than Sam Walmart's widow.. I have living 6 kids and 9 ---count them---9 grandchildren. The torch is passed. Only God's merciful grace.......
Maybe that sounds like false modesty or arrogance you say but some of my friends from way back when would be shocked to hear that Ellen wound up with a stable family life etc. You see one person never gave up on me.... God... He never throws anyone away......not me and especially not you!! So turn around and make a family---NO I don't mean get busy procreating. If you are single or alone make a friend and don't give up on them no matter what!! Turn to God too. You'de be shocked how much He loves you....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was only joking!!!

Don't you just love it when someone excuses the fact that they revealed their deep ignorance and insensitivity by saying "I was only kidding! or I was only joking!" At the expense of someone elses sometimes deep deep pain. "Don't be so paranoid or sensitive." Ok--so I am going to rant a bit so get ready... I just got finished the day before reading some blog with horrific comments about how slavery needs no apology etc, buck up just look to the future etc. Yes we should look to the future but we should also take responsibility in a civilized society and make apologies and declarations to shun future acts of crimes against humanity etc. So I did my comment response on the blog and felt a bit better. Still bothered by some of the insensitive comments I had read, got on with my day etc. BAM --Imus opens his septic mouth and he was only kidding!!! Lovely articulate hard working women are verbally reduced to trash. Where does it stop?? So I am home and we get a call that one of David's very good buddies is back in town for Easter break. One of very few blacks that David grew up with and we are all excited cuz he will get to paint ball with Isaiah and friends on Saturday. It's a great day when mom is cooking in the kitchen and my two sons David and Jacob are actually getting along. They start wrestling and lots of giggling breaks out. I step in to break it up before someone gets hurt and Jacob calls David a "N". Not going to say it as it is not in my vocabulary but I went ballistic!!
Horrible name--why would you use that word? Jacob says oh mom--I was only fooling around. I would NEVER call someone that for real. Really got disgusted with ME for going off about it. Told me it's in all the songs... not meant against someone ... etc etc... They both had wonderful friendships with blacks, multi racial folks etc. Why would they think the N word is funny? My family has its roots deep in the south and we need to work harder at making sure the bigots are allowed to die off and the future generations guard their hearts very carefully. Some time ago some pale lily whites (I am lily white so I can say it) thought they were more human than the darker skins. I remember when I said to one of my very southern aunts years ago that Jesus wasn't "white". I thought she was going to keel over. Anyway--I have obviouosly failed if my son thinks N word can be used in any context that would be humorous and for that I am reminded I need to work harder to help them understand and for that I DO apologize. How's YOUR vocabulary and heart?