Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow Bot

Rutland Regional Hospital has become our second home. The staff is starting to know us on a first name basis. David did the ole backyard snowboard look what I can do and guess what? Oh yeah---xrays and subsequent CAT scan later he is declared to have some bigtime muscle spasm and he is now living on Vicadin and relaxants. Yikes--- my poor boys are now sick together and mom is busy with ginger ale, motrin, meds, ice, heating pads etc. So much fun! We are very thankful the shadow on the xray turned out to be some awful spasm rather than a break. It's really nice to have good medical insurance also!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Confess....

I did it.... I bought a computer game for my laptop.. Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". So shoot me.... NO!!! ...Wait a minute--I did NOT mean that!

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is for you know who you are..

"Here's something I never told anyone about Violet. This is minor, but it's weighed on my mind. The night she disappeared? I saw the car."

~S is for Silence, Sue Grafton, pg 123, fifth + sentence

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Viral Meningitis I presume

We are back home from our bask in the sun.(I have such a tan you wouldn't believe) It was so hot down there, they actually ran out of de-icer at one of the airports. OK--stop laughing. ANYWAY-- we were very blessed to have Sara and Mike watching the fort (indian) while we were away. We still managed to have a wonderful time together in San Antone--- Unfortunately we had quite the week when we got back with a house full of sickos--not your normal mental sicko--I mean the sit with the tissues tylenol and bowl in lap type stuff. OB1 Jacobi--has spent a few days in the hospital with -yes- viral meningitis. On the serious note--we are thankful for all your prayers and close by sibling and youth pastor small son visits to cheer him up. Today -it is official --viral not bacterial and he will come home tomorrow. I knew that already because today he was driving his mother nuts (ok--more nuts) by moving his hospital bed up and down in various contorted positions that threatened the IV and I was ready to tie him down. So yes--OB1 Jacobi has recovered mostly. Will be few more days maybe with slight fever and headache. I was blessed today to sit in Jacob's hospital room on the snowy late afternoon and have Matt stop by and David dropped off there from a day on Pico snowboarding . Three of my four big sons. Very blessed. Very blessed to see David be able to snowboard with great joy and fun--So we aren't in the warmth but we have our joys up here. You want to see joy--you look into David's face after a day of snowboarding and Jacob's face as he drives his mother right up the wall...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who's the pigeon now?

The secret is out--next conference is first week October--their usual chosen week--in Daytona Beach Hilton on the Beachwalk!! Get your suits ready kids!!! We are flying the friendly skies---

Storm Pigeon in San Antonio

Per CNN -this pigeon walking on ice in San Antonio. Somehow I feel like the pigeon for coming down here. But love finds a way (a restaurant?) and we are still having a good time here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice everywhere!

Hello everyone--looks like Texas has a freeze going on. Oh boy!! Dad and I have decided we are going to play tourist tomorrow and take a picture of a Palm tree with snow on it. Stay posted--it's a comin'

Sunday, January 14, 2007

River Walk

This is one of the bridges crossing the quaint sidewalks along the riverwalk.Our restaurant is on the river just next to this bridge.

San Antonio Way

Hello from San Antone!! We have already walked the beautiful Riverwalk and eaten at the river's edge Texas Land and Cattle restaurant.... Cowboy boots in a ring on the chandelier and eaten the best steak and shrimp in the world while a Texas longhorn steer stared me in the face from the wall. (he was dead :) )Lovely hotel by the river with sleep mask and lavender linen spray for our pillows. We will catch the Imax Theater about the Siege at the Alamo later--Shopping therapy for me while Dad does death by PowerPoint meetings in the hotel Texas ballroom. Gosh I miss the kids... really...