Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time Travel

You haven't lived till you've driven up the mountain to Pico with Joe and David in the car. Amy in the front seat with me--as she needs a ride to work--so Joe and David are squeezed into 2 thirds the back seat with two snowboards crammed into the third seat. For starters--just picture those two sitting next to each other like a date --and most drivers going by can't always see the snowboards taking up the third seat... Ok--so we won't go there--but it does produce some funny faces as folks drive by. But the dialogue and songs sung to the radio not to mention the goofy flame orange hunter's hat with the flaps that David wears--produces some strange times. Then--let us not forget the gas factor--no not the car mileage--the odiferous fumes eminating from the two stinky boys that cause the windows to go up and down--Oh god!! ---up and down. Let me out of here!!! top that off with the ole primal golden retreiver genes in David's blood that causes him to periodically stick his whole head out of the said window so he can drool out the window and let his "ear flaps" blow in the wind like some dog going for a car ride. It's a sight to behold. Funny thing is--these two will smoke down the slopes like --as Rob (youth pastor) said "those two are somethin" else!!"
Wonder what he meant by that????? hehehe


Haggie said...

me thinks Muddah needs a roof rack! *lol*

I like the golden retriver blood, LOL

LNA said...

Guess what I have been pricing on line.LOL