Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was only joking!!!

Don't you just love it when someone excuses the fact that they revealed their deep ignorance and insensitivity by saying "I was only kidding! or I was only joking!" At the expense of someone elses sometimes deep deep pain. "Don't be so paranoid or sensitive." Ok--so I am going to rant a bit so get ready... I just got finished the day before reading some blog with horrific comments about how slavery needs no apology etc, buck up just look to the future etc. Yes we should look to the future but we should also take responsibility in a civilized society and make apologies and declarations to shun future acts of crimes against humanity etc. So I did my comment response on the blog and felt a bit better. Still bothered by some of the insensitive comments I had read, got on with my day etc. BAM --Imus opens his septic mouth and he was only kidding!!! Lovely articulate hard working women are verbally reduced to trash. Where does it stop?? So I am home and we get a call that one of David's very good buddies is back in town for Easter break. One of very few blacks that David grew up with and we are all excited cuz he will get to paint ball with Isaiah and friends on Saturday. It's a great day when mom is cooking in the kitchen and my two sons David and Jacob are actually getting along. They start wrestling and lots of giggling breaks out. I step in to break it up before someone gets hurt and Jacob calls David a "N". Not going to say it as it is not in my vocabulary but I went ballistic!!
Horrible name--why would you use that word? Jacob says oh mom--I was only fooling around. I would NEVER call someone that for real. Really got disgusted with ME for going off about it. Told me it's in all the songs... not meant against someone ... etc etc... They both had wonderful friendships with blacks, multi racial folks etc. Why would they think the N word is funny? My family has its roots deep in the south and we need to work harder at making sure the bigots are allowed to die off and the future generations guard their hearts very carefully. Some time ago some pale lily whites (I am lily white so I can say it) thought they were more human than the darker skins. I remember when I said to one of my very southern aunts years ago that Jesus wasn't "white". I thought she was going to keel over. Anyway--I have obviouosly failed if my son thinks N word can be used in any context that would be humorous and for that I am reminded I need to work harder to help them understand and for that I DO apologize. How's YOUR vocabulary and heart?


Haggie said...

**standing ovation**

I read that blog too, i was furious, couldnt think of which point disgusted me more ...

Ask Jake if he wants to go to Harlem or Chicago and say what up N? I bet he gets it then! :D

anywho .... good post!

purchasewoods said...

I love you more and more - this was so on the mark.

your cousin, Lin aka - aw you know