Monday, April 07, 2008

Focus Young Grasshopper!!!

Cars stopped at railroad crossing plus truck ahead of you plus sun's glare on window equal trashed bumber of shiny truck in front of you plus totaled Ford Focus you are driving. Driver Dad is fine, passenger David is OK--lady driving truck is ok. Truck gets to drive away--Ford Focus gets flatbed ride to body shop for last rites. Pop quiz--what is more important-sad dead car--inconvenience of loss of vehicle-or live people? What shall we focus on? Son in Iraq comes back to states in precious few days, new son in law set out to sea on USS George Washington, grandbabies are beautiful and plentiful, Spring is on it's way. Soon to be driver David gets valuable lesson on how easy chaos can occur. I think I have my focus back. It's all about people and God anyway. Everything else will pass away in the end....


Jules said...

Oh yikes!

So glad to hear that everybody is ok...and you are so right about the perspective!

Here I did not even know you guys had a Ford Focus and it is already gone! Does Dad still have his truck or did it get sacrificed for economical as the price at the pump goes up??

Yes!!! First leg of the homeward journey on the 10th...second on the 12th...IN the STATES the 13th...that is the hope :)

Praying for Amy ~ she is in the hardest stage :( But if she stays busy with work or projects the time will fly by!! Can she come to VT for a visit?

Some possible exciting things in the works here..more on that later :) We have a WOCS and WOBS date..and list of possible assignments afterwards. I will write soon!

LNA said...

Yes, it was a nice gray Focus. The truck is still with us. We keep it for snowy days to Norwich and dump runs. We got the Focus for gas savings. We will likely replace it with a Honda CRV for me and have Dad take the Accord. What is the WOBS dates and possible assignments?? anything fun or closer to East Coast?

Sara said...

momeeee! That is nuts! Poor focus, aww, poor dad. When did this happen? Is that why you weren't at ladies night out?
Man! What a pain :P lemme know if we can help, we have two cars now.

scheeech, good perspective though!

Jules said...

Ooooohhh!!! I miss my CRV! I LOVED my CRV!! You will too if you decide on that :)

Since I will probably not get to email any time soon with final exams next week..

here is a quick run down...

WOCS Nov 3rd - Dec 12
WOBS Beg. of Jan to Beg of May 09

MUCH later than we had hoped...UGH!

Possible assignments...

Knox, KY
Benning, GA
Stewart, GA
Drum, NY
Lewis, WA - Noooooo!!!!!

We were asked for #1 and 2 choice and we requested #1 Stewart (Savannah!! :) ) and #2 Benning. We shall the end it is all up to them!

Due to later school dates, we are trying to get Hawaii orders amended to accompanied and the kids and I will move to Hawaii mid-summer to be with Eric. We are hoping and praying!!!

Prayers for the car situation! Will it be considered totaled for the insurance?

losile said...

Aw man! That sucks about the car, I loved that thing :( But you're right, it's wonderful that nobody was hurt.

I'm working on my schedule for getting medical things done, but whatever can't be done on base I have to wait until May to get done, as that's when tri-care OFFICIALLY kicks in. Which is pretty much just a few fillings on my teeth, that'll have to be done by a civilian dentist. After that, I'll be good to go. Soooo I was thinking maybe end of April I could work out a way to come visit, I'll know more after I figure out what more shots I need, if any. Or maybe May, if I can just go to the dentist up there in VT hehe.

Better to get everything I can get done done, and ASAP XD