Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flying or Dying

Everytime I am taking off in a plane the same things flash thru my the status of my will, what was I thinking when I booked both parents on the same flight, DNA retrieval and identification (oh yeah) and things like that....

But all is said and done and I'm gloriously soaking up the sun and surf in exactly this location and I am loving it!!

Here's a question: As a parent of two teen boys back in VT with their sisters, am I free to totally relax or do I need to worry so nothing bad will happen? Dumb question but every mother knows what I mean. Well this year I am going to do the totally relax experiment and see how that goes. I've good kids and and a very big God, so here goes.... I've already strolled the beach--walked up to the Ocean Deck to eat a leisurely lunch on the ocean.. walked back down the beach to Starbucks for the long awaited caffeine fix and then took a nice nap with the surf in my earshot. I think I am getting the hang of this particular experiment... no calls please, Amy or Yubby!


Sara said...

NO Problem MON! No calls,
but umm one question you REALLY think they will need more than 3 gallons of milk? Thats insane!

Enjoy the warmth, we have rain....BIG surprise!

LNA said...

I never know. It was so hot today but I went to the chocolate factory that was featured on I Love Lucy---where the conveyor belt goes so fast she starts shoving chocolates in her pockets and hat and mouth. Very cool old fashioned place-got the boys chocolate alligators...only in Florida!!