Monday, August 03, 2009

Boston Getaway

This is the Onyx Hotel that we stayed at during an overnight stay in Boston to see Keith Urban in concert. If you looked out this window you could almost see TD Garden at the end of our street. We got there early via GPS directions, with no problems.... parking attendant came right out and whisked our car away. After checking in we had time to walk the neighborhoods in Boston's north end and choose a nice Italian restaurante. The concert was my first in years, and I was shocked at how many young girls were there to see an rising star called Taylor Swift. She sings about all the issues of romance that these girls could relate to: she especially sings about lessons learned from dealing with past less than perfect boyfriends. The fan girls were singing to every song she sang.... a real eye opener for me. Young stupid boys who want to impress young woman this age could take a lesson: do the right thing and speak the truth. The girls will listen!!
Aside from the teeming social issues that could fill several sociology class discussions, we had a marvelous time. Keith Urban is very talented and sings a lot of pretty songs we enjoy. The boys were at their own 4 day SoulFest concert, so we were free to enjoy a bit of a get away. Thankfully the Sox were playing in another town!!

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