Sunday, September 01, 2013

Rescued Love

Oh my goodness! Have I a wonderful story to tell about my hubby's knee replacement progress but first today....the flowers from the yard called to me! A lovely lazy Sunday afternoon after church it was...with the boys off to fish on a local hardly noticed pond that their fishing buddy Dan knew about. Huge fish, we have pictures, were caught and let go. Meanwhile the night's rain produced an emerald green heavenly back yard, with the odd early Fall leaf blanketing the ground. Smack in the middle of this loveliness were my fabulous sunflowers. I  try very hard not to pick them too early , as I feel they earned the right to stand tall and face the sun as long as they wish, but fortunately for me, the rain had caused a few to bend to the ground. Dashing out with my kitchen scissors I rescued them from the damp ground. Flowers without guilt. Love it! Do you think God loved it when He rescued us? Were we His beautiful treasure, a flower of beauty? Of course yes! (it was a trick question) 

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