Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Jacob-mas!!!

The pre Christmas excitement is upon us. I remember those days long ago when the manger scene was on the TV and carols were being sung with Christmas pageants at school and church etc. Very fun and exciting stuff.. but my little heart was all aflutter trying to guess what would be under the tree! But now I am above such stuff, that is right up until my husband puts wrapped presents for me under the tree the other day---then all of a sudden my little heart of larceny wants to slip the kids a 5 spot to get them to tell me WHAT'S UNDER THE TREE!! Jacob especially has driven us all nuts because he's a little excited and he gets very silly and hard to live with. I was all ready to lock him in a padded room when I turned to his friend Ben and said " Ben would you straighten Jacob out please? Tell him what's what?" "Sure," Ben says and turns to Jacob very sincerely and says "Jake--it's not about you---- It's about JESUS!!!" Thank you Ben for putting reality in to the mix. Did my heart just fine!!!!

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Haggie said...

Go Ben! Thats awesome!!
I knew i liked that kid