Sunday, January 14, 2007

River Walk

This is one of the bridges crossing the quaint sidewalks along the riverwalk.Our restaurant is on the river just next to this bridge.


Haggie said...

hey hey!You guys got ice? I heard it was hitting Texas.
Mikey told me NOT to go out this morning, he may not even go to work, he has the truck. Jen told Amy not to bother trying, they would switch days off. so we all sitting here watching disney channel playing legos and fighting over internet LOL!!

oh BTW mikey set me up with a laptop :)

mother to the world said...

Good news about the work thing with Amy. Fighting over the internet? why would you need to do that with a router in the house with 5 computers???I am very glad you didn't try to get Amy to work.

mother to the world said...

Ice down here by the way mixed with rain I guess. That Riverwalk has no sun and shadows as in the pic LOL

mother to the world said...

Thank you Katie, by the way. I guess you know I've not had too many opportunities to do this thru the years!!:P