Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snow Bot

Rutland Regional Hospital has become our second home. The staff is starting to know us on a first name basis. David did the ole backyard snowboard look what I can do and guess what? Oh yeah---xrays and subsequent CAT scan later he is declared to have some bigtime muscle spasm and he is now living on Vicadin and relaxants. Yikes--- my poor boys are now sick together and mom is busy with ginger ale, motrin, meds, ice, heating pads etc. So much fun! We are very thankful the shadow on the xray turned out to be some awful spasm rather than a break. It's really nice to have good medical insurance also!!

1 comment:

Haggie said...

OMG! What a nut! That poor kid :P

Better take care of that!! Don't wanna hurt football ... geeeeeez! Mommy needs chocolate! :D