Saturday, December 08, 2007

Boomer Question

How do you know when you're grown up? This question permeates the minds of my boomer generation. For one--we don't intend to "grow up". For another--we are not sure when or where that happens! Here's a great list I've read recently:
You know you're grown up when....
~You know there are many things much more important than yourself.
~You're willing to say "I was wrong."
~You're attentive to the footprints you will have left in this world.
~You forgive the carelessness of the young, regret the thoughtlessness of your own youth.
~You finally realize you have no one to complain to.

Growing up is a choice. The journey begins with the simplest of steps: Identifying your values then acting accordingly. Of course, for this boomer it means bowing to my creator God, Jehovah and letting Him give me His values and acting accordingly. I must admit I am not very good at it but our loving Father God is just that. He paid for my bad....

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Liz said...

You covered some bases that I didn't in my recent post (What I Learned From My Mother-in-Law), but obviously great minds think alike. Check out my blog sometime. And good luck with the wedding. Just think, no more daughters, you don't ever have to be the mother of the bride again!