Friday, December 07, 2007

Mysteries of the Universe Solved

It was a dark and cold winter's morning. 5 am came early as youngish mom (only as old as her oldest son plus 9 months or so)--and her smarty pants 16 year old set out for Dartmouth Hitchcock for the long awaited MRI of his ankle. Up before dawn, creep around to get ready so others can sleep 2 more hours. Sneak out of the house into the cold wintery night. Crunch crunch crunch on the hard icey ground. Open garage door, then all of a sudden car alarm is blaring into the silent night. Very obnoxious. How could that happen ? I carry the keys the same way all the time!

"What was that??" says youngish mom.
Says smarty pants zombee 16 year old from beneath the fur lined hood over his head "It was YOU."

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