Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Say What??????????

mastodon?mastitis? 0h--Mastoiditis!!!!

One large shot of antibiotics in the dieriere and a week of horse size pills and the good news is Mastoiditis, loss of hearing and a side of meningitis
does not seem to be in my future.

I hate to go to the doctor so when I do it's usually rather serious and on the edge of common sense living. Fortunately my trip to the doctor this time saved me from something very unpleasant ---ie: not being able to hear the voices of my husband, kids, grandbabies , extended family, and friends. One good thing though I was reminded of during that time is that I will never cease to hear from God. He doesn't need my ears to speak to me!!!!!!!
But being on this earth I am soo glad to hear the voices of those I love .....

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