Monday, August 11, 2008

Beam Me Up, Scottie!

The rain here is relentless and yet I have this dry spot --this non creative blip -in my journaling; which has nothing to do with the rainy day after rainy day we are having here in Vermont. I'm reading Michael Crichton's book "TimeLine". I found out he also wrote one of my favorite early sci fi books/movies " Andromeda Strain." Yes, you either hate it or love it but I loved it so! Needless to say I was looking forward to reading "Time Line" all the more. It's about quantum physics and moving into another sphere of the earth by replicating molecules. Yes, beam me up type stuff but not quite. He writes so convincingly and has so many references that you're challenged to figure out what part is fiction!! Just when I think I've a handle on it, I notice a small news notation amidst the Phelps gold medals and Russia trying to annihilate the Republic of Georgia. It's about a device being announced in the scientific journals that renders you invisible.
Where are we in the world when that is a small news note on a large page? It's comforting and interesting to know that amidst my "dry spot" there is still lots of creative energy out there....

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