Sunday, September 04, 2011

Raging Waters 2011

It's odd that I've not blogged/journaled about Hurricane Irene yet. It's wrecked havoc across Vermont. Not sure what to say about overwhelming it puts even this chatty Cathy to silence. But it's huge here. People are suffering. Roads and historic homes and bridges are washed away by streams that became raging rivers. There's much to do to help.

It's funny how so much beauty can be seen in such stark contrast to such darkness. People are despairing and suicidal, I'm told. In myself, I feel like I'm starting on a very good road. It's all about God and what He wants me to do. A new beginning... I desperately need feel needed and helpful and yes even someone who people would be blessed to know. I'm so incredibly thankful to God for His never ending second chances. Life is rich and beautiful. Young people sometimes don't think us older folk feel and move with the same intensity or sense of joy that they do...but I can attest that this old lady feels full of hope and brand new. Bring it on!

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