Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Memories

Fall "Autumn" is my all time favorite time of the year. Sights , smells and sounds imprint our brain with memories and I can't think of a season that has done that more for me than Fall. Timeless memories of pretty colorful leaves on the ground....raking them up on a lazy afternoon--to see how large a leaf pile we could create so we could jump off the porch into the huge pile. School dresses in beautiful plaids newly made by my mom, with new lunch pails and pencils for school. Long walks home after the bus left me off --shuffling my feet thru the paths of dried leaves.
I remember long walks in the woods, looking for hickory nuts to crack open for a snack. Beautiful dark purple grapes in the vineyard behind Mr Toro's house. The smells of gorgeous leaves on the ground, damp with the Fall rain. Times going to the Danbury Fair to see the Clydesdale Horses....the harvest of the season at every display. I'll never be too old to remember how wonderful it all felt, even now. I put out the pumpkins at the door near the mums. Our house is surrounded by a carpet of gold and red leaves that reflect this beautiful light/aura around the house. I realize they have to be raked--David's job this year :-)---but right now I enjoy them and my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for all his bounty.
~~The heavens declare the majesty of God~~~

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