Thursday, February 06, 2014

Warm Weather

The weather outside is frightful and we no have water coming into the house, due to a faulty switch, I am guessing. The well man will confirm or deny that tomorrow. The only thing is, the weather inside our domain is "warm". We have a loving family of four, an extended family of a zillion :-D and many loving friends. Our youngest "baby" has enlisted in the Army and is getting coaching info from our oldest child, Eric, also in the Army. We have no water in the house but we have good expectation of getting someone here tomorrow to fix the issue. A great brother in law called to coach my hubby through the prelim testing of the water issue, so I know what to tell the well man tomorrow. Our older children are thriving in their married lives. Jake, our youngest is so excited about his very soon to be, Army training in Nodal Network Maintenance Specialist job We're so thrilled for him! Dave is working hard at his Quality Assurance job at Ellison Technologies.He is dating a lovely (it's the only word that always comes to mind about her) girl who challenges him to grow in his interests and reading material. My hubby is gainfully employed in an era of folks unemployed. So even though the world around me is cold, I am thankful to God for the warmth and warm "weather" in my life right now!!

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