Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today was full of meds and ginger ale, but snow bird David will recover from his "horrific neck spasm" (Doc's word) Tomorrow Jacob is back to school and he has his regular snowboard lesson on Pico. Yikes!! Yet another opportunity to say hi to my friends at Rutland Regional.... most of all I am looking forward to my postings getting off the medical update theme. Set your clocks--good news!!--for all you non Super Bowl women--starting at 11am on Sunday is the much anticipated marathon showing of my favorite TV show--The Closer. Be there---


Haggie said...

"horrific neck spasm" ?!?!?!?!?!?

Um HI! I was telling people i figured it was his LEG ... had no idea it was his neck! Geeeeeez! Now big sis is gonna beat him herself! :P did you wrap Jake in bubble wrap for his lesson today?? LOL!!

k8 said...

What a crazy thing! Thankfully my little boy's boo-boos have been fixable with bandaids. . . so far