Monday, February 26, 2007

Here endeth the lesson....

Everything I do or think lately seems to come to the same conclusion so to speak...Maybe I need Prozac, I don't know, but when you have a family like mine a flood of emotions can come from all angles in all cirmcumstances. This produces highs and lows of emotions (why I mentioned the prozac) but seriously it's kind of scary to feel such vulnerable joy when you see the lives you may have impacted for the good. It also produces sorrow when you see areas you feel like you've messed up.
I've come to the serious conclusion that I am totally messed up lots of the time. It's kind of a comfort though, because at that moment you know for sure what you've always suspected: That you are not really in control of things anyways. That lesson screams to be lately. It's a God thing. But you know what screams louder???? That God actually loves this profoundly messed up person anyway!! Here endeth the lesson.....Thank Bob!!!

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