Friday, February 02, 2007

Ogretta aka Meanist Mom in the World

Just had to post that to give my friend a laugh. You know who you are!! :P
But seriously here is my effort to meet the 100 things about me challenge:
1. I was born mid century in Milford, CT.
2. I am of Irish, English and Creole French ancestry.
3. I collect small ceramic pitchers.
4. I am brunette ( sort of :P)
5. I am first born of two girls.
6. I am mother of 7 children, 6 living.
7. I am grandmother of 10, nine living.
8. I grew up in a strong Italian/Polish community ( none of which I am)
9. I remember what class I was in when President Kennedy was assassinated.
10. I saw his assasin Oswald shot by Ruby on the TV News.
11. I collect a deck of cards from every far away city I visit.
12. There's part of Monk's OCD behavior that I can relate to.
13. I love formal dances.
14. Flowers speak to my soul.
15. God will take my soul to heaven when I die.
16. I believe chocolate is medicinal.
17. I am a New York kinda girl.
18. Camping to me is choosing Econolodge vs Hyatt.
19. I flunked my first driving test.
20. When I was little I wanted to be a scientist or a reporter.
21. I am old enough to be impressed with cell phone convenience.
22. I am a diehard Yankee fan.
23. Fall is my favorite season.
24. I used to have a cat named Bachelor.
25. My father was a master carpenter.
26. I love to walk around a hardware store.
27. When I was little I would jump in bed in the dark so the alligators under the bed couldn't get me.
28. One of my uncles was in the FBI.
29. I homeschooled 4 of my children.
30. I have read every Nancy Drew book.
31. I've always loved mystery books.
32. Four of my children have been in four different missons trips in 4 different countries.
33. My oldest son father of four recently got back safely from Iraq.
34. My mission in life is to raise wonderful God-fearing children.
35. I have wonderful God-fearing children.
36. I hate Okra.
37. My dream is to relax on a tropical beach under a palm tree sipping some fruity drink.
38. Two of my children were born in my 40's after a tubal reversal.
39. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28-29.
40. I was saved by grace at the age of 27.
41. I try to live free in Christ.
42. I love my family above anything else.
43. I love God above my family.
44. My first car had horseshoes on the upholstery.
45. My children will change the world around them.
46. Every July 4th jets fly over my home.
47. My husband's birthday is July 4th. You do the math..
48. I can see ice fishing shacks on the lake from my window.
49. I teach womens' Bible studies.
50. The Turtles played live at my college freshman dance.
51. I was a cheerleader in 7th grade.
52. My sister in law was the deputy Mayor of San Diego.
53. All my children were Army brats.
54. My husband retired out of the Army.
55. I audit calls at the Vermont Country Store call center.
56. I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day about 29 years ago.
57. I remember when soda was in glass bottles in wooden soda crates.
58. I love to travel.
59. I live in Vermont.
60. I've been to the New York World's Fair.
61. I spent many happy years in 4-H.
62. I buy (vs grow) my nails.
63. I remember clamming on Milford Beach in CT with my grandmother.
64. My maternal grandfather owned a hot dog stand/restaurant in the 50's.
65. My paternal grandfather owned orange trees in Florida.
66. Both my parents were born in Baxley Georgia but met in Milford Connecticut.
67. I've been in a meatball fight.
68. At 21 I concidered suicide.
69. I've worn pill box hats to church.
70. I went to Ansonia High School class of 66.
71. I hate liver.
72. I've installed a hard drive in my computer.
73. I've lived for a week on macaroni salad.
74. I've had 6 C-sections.
75. I've almost died in two childbirths. (Jennifer and Matt)
76. They were both worth it.
77. I am very thankful I didn't commit suicide.
78. I love Santa and the Easter Bunny.
79. As a teenager I often sewed my Easter outfit.
80. My highschool love was Richard Eriksson. We did more talking than kissing.
81. I'm known for my quirky sense of humor.
82. My sister and I had matching desks and bulletin boards made by my Dad.
83. My best friends in High School were Marianne Benassi and Camille Ferla.
84. I married a man in an Army uniform.
85. I love to write and teach.
86. I love walking in snowy woods.
87. Chrismas Eve is magical to me. I always light a candle.
88. My favorite bird is the Chicadee. (right Eric? )
89. I've done a cooking demonstration at the Big E.
90. I drive a Honda Accord.
91. I wear contacs.
92. I own a coffee cup from the Louvre.
93. I am a devoted fan of CSI Las Vegas and The Closer.
94. Half my blood is probably coffee. :P
95. I am a hopeless romantic.
96. I believe each of us has something important to do for God.
97. I've air- boated in the Everglades.
98. My favorite animal is the Bengal Tiger.
99. OK-- so sometimes I still jump in bed fast so the alligators won't get me.
100. I spend too much time on my laptop!


k8 said...

woah . . that is really cool . . and about every 5th one I had a flash back to where I was when you made one of those random comments over the years, only at the time it was in conversation and made sense . . very fun!! Luv ya :)

Haggie said...

:O Okra AND LIVER!!?!!? I Object! :P Hazmatt said we weren't forced to eat it ...... but im not convinced ... :P

YAY for nancy drew :)

LNA said...

Nana used to cook liver and onions.EEWWW...

Haggie said...

well, i dont care what any silly DJ's say, i found it very interesting *lol*

he's just insecure cause his aren't nearly as interesting !!

LNA said...

Thank you Sara---he definitely has issues--it was his horrrible upbringing!! Plus he is wrong --my friends read this garbage too--it's not just my family!! LOLvwdkte