Monday, May 21, 2007

Passed By

Talked on the phone to a first class soldier the other day. Father of 4 children, great family man, done 3 overseas tours, and he got passed over for Warrant Officer. It was suppose to be a slam dunk --he had top recommendations and had "earned his stripes" so to speak. Great disappointment for his military career. He took it in stride but I could tell he was very discouraged. He mentioned also that since Warrant School wasn't in his immediate future, his second tour in Iraq would be back on the calendar in the fall. I could hear his children playing and laughing in the background as he spoke. Trying to bring some lightness in this serious conversation, I said I sort of wish the Democrats would get their way and just bring back the troops now, then he wouldn't have to go. I could hear him catch his breath and he very kindly told me that to set a time frame for troop withdrawal would play right into the hands of the insurgents and be a disaster for the Iraqi people. With his little twin girls giggling in play in the background, he was concerned for the welfare of a people far away that our country promised to help. That's the heart of a soldier---he won't pass you by without helping if he can... Take time to thank a soldier this month.... by the way---it you didn't know already, that soldier was my son Eric.

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purchasewoods said...

You write so powerfully. I cried again - yuo are good at touching heartstrings. Bless Eric.


your cousin,