Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Oh joy--one engineer, one health inspector (we invited over) and one excavator= equals new septic field location and new well in new location. I feel ill--good news is when all is said and done we will have our yard back better than it's ever been and things will be up to code WITH permits-something the last owner wasn't too good at.. Today I am off to see two doctors--one for Jacobs' hurt thumb (from secret rope swing Spring jump into Lake Bomoseen) and then David to Ortho for perhaps removal of old bone chip causing swelling lately. We shall see --but when you bring in the experts they all seem to want to move something or take something out!! Yikes...

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Haggie said...

OUCH!! You should see my blog today :)

but yay for no more stinky wet sneakers from out back :)