Sunday, May 27, 2007

Protest Songs...echoes of mercy and bravery..

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. "
Elmer Davis

It is politically correct these days, to sit around lunch rooms and parties etc and bash Bush, protest the war in Iraq. If you want to impress in the business world, you better have the politically correct thing to say around the water cooler. Candidates that spend too much money on their campaign ( because they have strong goals and visions they wish to bring to the state--such as bringing more high tec jobs here so we can keep our smart young people in Vermont with good paying jobs) are obscene. But candidates that help Vermont grow into a greater give away welfare state are humanitarian. Anyone who votes for them is concidered financially and morally discerning. It is better to give away money than work differently and harder to bring more technical jobs to Vermont. Likewise, people who sing protest songs and carry signs are also concidered merciful etc...because people die in war and that is bad of course. Let's not examine WHY the soldier sacrifices though. Then we may have to do something ourselves. It is easier to protest. Let others look outward. We only care about ourselves, right?

All these freedoms to criticize and protest were bought by others with a price. My son will likely return for his second tour of Iraq in a few precious months. As a Mom, I feel gut terror and sadness. I want the war to end and my boy to stay home. Is he messed up because he gets on a plane to go and help children and women in another country have the freedoms we take for granted? Does anyone who bashes Bush and the "war" ever care enough to list all the thousands of helpful meaningful deeds our boys have done over there for a grateful people?

I am concerned that for the bottom financial line, the political correctness of what we feel about war, and most of all, not to spill our lattes --this generation forgets what it means to stand up for something--such as helping women get the freedom to go to school. Will you just roll over and let any political force take over this country? Will you be brave and stand up for the oppressed or just run your mouth?


purchasewoods said...

I am behind you 100%. Jack Nicholson said it in 'A Few Good Men' 'You want to know the want me on that wall - you need me on that wall". Our daughter is a Major in the Australian Army. She deployed to Afghanastan 2 weeks ago. After a deployment to East Timor as part of UN forces. Our son was one of the first on the ground in East Timor after that election to be free of Indonesia. He was Air Force DGF (defense guards). He is still a reservist. Our son-in-law is also a Major in the Australian Army. I am so proud and so is their father. God bless all our troops. They don't ask for much in return but osme respect would be good.


your cousin,

Lin aka Adventures in Purchasewoods

LNA said...

WOW Very cool about your kids military service. You can't be old enough to have kids that age!!