Wednesday, February 13, 2008

E Mural Mather

May 2, 1930-February 13, 2008
We love you Nana....

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Liz said...

I know this was the end of a very long journey and not unexpected, but I also know that it makes it no less sad. Thinking of you all today as you begin your final goodbyes (I know that cleaning phenomenon well myself).

I hadn't realized how young our mom was. She was over 20 years younger than mine would be if she were still alive (she died 8 years ago). What a beautiful woman she was and how lucky your children were to get to spend those years with her nearby. You've given her a special gift and your children some precious memories. I know that didn't come without a price, but I'm sure that today you're very glad it was a price you paid. May God comfort all of you.