Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mr Wizard would be proud

I witnessed my son's homework project this weekend. Soak the onion in Gator Aide and then after it has absorbed enough of the liquid--you put one end of your MP3 player charger into the player and the other end into the onion. Something to do with the electrolytes causes the player to turn on. Yikes. Three of those items weren't around or dreamed of yet when I was a kid.
I can't help but reflect a lot on how much the world had evolved electronically since I was little. But it's not a complaint--it's an awe. It is great to see and experience the differences in the generations. My son gets on the laptop to further research the project--prints out his report, etc etc.
My prayer for my generation is that we won't give up on life before we die. We're responsible to live life fully every day. Get to know the new technology--not all of it but there's plenty to embrace. There's no excuse for sitting on our rear ends and being boring. There's life to be lived and we can do it. No excuses--heck--you might even like it and have a good time!!!


Liz said...

My brother-in-law's kids did a similar thing with a pickle (the electric pickle they called it). But I agree that people our age need to get used to using at least some of the technology available. Some people at my house are sticks in the mud about cell phones which is why we still have to keep land line long distance (not worth the price IMHO).

k8 said...

i love the idea behind your post - embrace life - i agree wholeheartedly !!

LNA said...

Never grow old Kate--life is way too much fun!